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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Magic Charging Scam
From the desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

Let me explain a bit of my background, so you critic's do not spin things in a direction that makes me look bad “critics love to make me look bad.”
I have been involved in the sales and marketing of over a half a million dollars in antiques and collectibles, my life thanks to Satan has been filled with success in almost every business I have touched, I also own almost one million dollars in antiques and am certified in antique appraisals.
My fiancee has been involved in transactions in gems and jewelry for over 30 years, and also is a appraiser of fine jewelry, but besides all of these important abilities to determine everything from fake gold to false gemstones to myself being able to see reproductions and repairs in antiques.
But aside from all of these important skills and acquaintances, I am as well as my future wife both accomplished magicians, knowledgeable in almost every type of magical skill both of us having over 65 plus years combined involved in magic, from ritual to spell creation and beyond that I also have within my Theistic Satanic Temple a linguistic expert, Paranormal Investigators , and many other magicians both male and female, but this is not bragging its helping you understand why I can say that almost all items that people are selling that they claim are empowered are fraudulent.
But let me explain this further and the reasons why also here are some important questions you can pose the sellers and ask them what they are trying to fraud people with.

Ask your seller:
  1. What type of ritual, or type of magic are you using to empower your magical ring, necklace, etc.
  2. What type of magical studies have you (the seller) personally been taught, or been involved in and how long have you practiced this.
  3. Do you offer a “money back guarantee.”
  4. Can you (the seller) offer a certificate of authentic from an accredited Archeologist to the actual age you are claiming the item is.
I can honestly tell you there are hundreds of sellers attempting to steal your wallet, or purse with these items and I will tell you this and I doubt anyone would be able to debate this fact.
  1. No item can be empowered by a retailer, let alone a magician who does not have a broad historical background, and no item can be empowered or contain a demon, or any other creature since it ultimately is the deity that controls such creatures, or constructs and while magicians can summon some creatures or entities I honestly believe very few have the skills to trap and empower items such as rings with these entities, and I offer up a “Iron Clad” 10,000.00 Cash Reward for the retailer who can provide actual evidence to the item they are offering working.

When people are struggling in relationships, financially or just plain hate somebody, they get desperate and this desperation often has people making purchases that are empowered, or even charged while most retailers are merely offering off “knock offs” from Chinese Manufactures, I buy jewelry and you will be amazed at how close the reproductions are to and close they resemble ancient artifacts, everything from rings to vases, to dolls are being sold under a guise of being charged or haunted or magic and they merely defrauding you.

I can honestly say I do not think retailers (and I own a jewelry store with my fiancee) with a FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY disclaimer are doing anything wrongs but those making grandiose claims need to be arrested for fraud and even theft charges, I will expose these retailers to protect Occult Consumers and plan a new site listing those who are out there stealing your hard earned monies, and I can tell you I once sold spells and incantations and sold thousands of dollars actually I hold an E Bay record of selling a spell for 6000.00 but in all my ads which made various claims I also attached the disclaimer FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY as should everyone else selling or attempting to sell charged or magical items, because a REAL MAGICAN knows that magic placed in an item takes more than buying it from a Chinese Wholesaler or making it, and most people who practice magic REAL MAGIC do not engage in stealing peoples hard earned monies, or stealing from those desperate individuals seeking help.

Please send me your stories of people stealing from you to and I will include the retailers in my new upcoming site, and include them in the site Rip Off Reports.

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Satanic Statue in Oklahoma? Maybe?


New Statue Announced for Satanism, Exploratory Committee Formed
The Satanic Temple announced a statue in Oklahoma and raised monies which we believe will never come to fruition, we also as Theistic Satanists rebuke the idea of criminals like Adam B Daniels and his wife Kelsey Daniels being involved in such a project, so we formally announce exploration into creation of a more neutral statuary without criminal involvement.

Project Manager Phil Aikman explained today: “We cannot condone people speaking for our religion who are criminals and who affiliate with criminals, we must portray a better image when approaching projects that entail display of religious icons.”

Project Organizer Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Leader of Theistic Satanism and Founder of the Temples of Satan an actual Church dedicated to Theistic Satanism commented : “While erecting a statue dedicated to Satan is novel idea, its depiction of Baphomet has no historical link to Satan as a deity, if the The Satanic Temple is trying to send a message to the Christians why not represent Satan in a more historical depiction or even as most religions do a completely neutral statue.”

We as Theistic Satanists do not condone the construction of a misrepresentation of Satan and believe that this statue is nothing short of blasphemy of Satan and represents criminals not Satanists, we stand with the comments of the Church of Satan and stand against this statue we hereby offer in the future a more correct image of Satanism from non criminal elements and will fund raise in the days ahead, we however feel that Oklahoma City is not necessarily a location we would chose, and would prefer public input on both the statue and its location.

Project Treasurer Lori Munoz : “If we cannot construct a statue, unlike the Satanic Temple we will return all donations less developmental expenses to the people.”

We welcome all donations and will raise monies in the days ahead, we are seeking funding that will erect a more desirable statue and will avoid criminal appointees, as we have discovered in the Satanic Temples project, we as Theistic Satanists do not support criminals and all charges and accusations are a matter of public record.

Thank You

Project Satanic Statue

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Satan and Sumeria by Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

Answering a few vital questions regarding Sumeria.
A compilation of viewpoints by recognized researchers and insight by:
Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Leader of Theistic Satanism.

Q. Isn’t Indian Culture older than Sumerian?
A. While many believe this to be true, it is the influence of the Sumerians that helped procreate several deities in Vishnu and Hindi Culture, statuary is present showing a strong influence by Sumerian deities, and all evidence of India is spoken, little is written that can predate Sumeria however there were Temples found in India predating Sumerian Temples yet they remain lifeless, as most modern scriptures based on Indian Philosophy are reinterpreted and based on conjecture only.
Mehrgarh (also sometimes spelt as as Mehrgahr, Mehrgarh, Merhgahr, Mergar) is an archaeological site in Pakistan, 30 km west of the town of Sibi and 120 km southeast of Quetta in Beluchistan.

The site is important for its antiquity and for being among the earliest sites to show the development of agriculture. We do not know whether Mehrgarh was a lone beacon of agriculture in a “wilderness of hunter-gatherers” since no other such settlement has been found yet.

It is, however, likely that it was not alone. There must have been other similar and as yet undiscovered settlements along the Indus valley that would later provide the foundation for the rise of the first civilization in the area, the Indus civilization, this civilization was estimated to have been founded in the late 10,000 B.C. Period, however know decipherable languages have been found and those that have are undecipherable, unlike the Sumerian Languages.

Q. Many people will argue that Sumeria while it is filled with Lore it is not the first civilization?
A. That is true, the world was growing everywhere from one end to the other there were great cities and empires being build everywhere from the Indus Valley to the very banks of the Nile to the vast expanses of Australia, yet while all of these civilizations are relevant no evidence exists that they actually practiced organized magic and religion, this is evident from Sumeria to Egypt and can actually be shown relevant to the very base of magic used today, these other civilizations while they have interesting Modern Constructs and Suspicious Karma, and other catch phrases that prove interesting this is not a base for magic in the 9000 period like Sumeria.

Another interesting theory based on Sumerian Text that miners from Mesopotamia were mining gold in Africa and forging such items in incredible items of science and magic around 20,000 B.C.
Again bringing more evidence to the table as to Sumeria being the first civilization that evolved beyond “hunter-gatherer.”

Q. But what about the dates?
Although many of the ancient traditions preserved in both the Hindu and Jain religions are almost certain to have their roots in the Indus civilization, no direct trace of the later Vedic-Hindu or Jain cultures has been identified in the archaeological remains of the Indus civilization. Most glaringly: the Indus civilization did not know the horse. There is not one representation of that hard-to-overlook animal in the entire corpus of Indus art despite the many representations of other animals (e.g. the ox-cart shown above), nor have any remains of horses been found connected with the Indus civilization. By contrast, in the Veda horses and chariots play a major role.Genetic analysis and dating of horse bones has revealed that the horse was not introduced to the Indian subcontinent until less than 4,000 years before the present. In other words: the horse first appeared just as the the Indus civilization was falling and the rise Vedic people began to appear. Another difference is that the Indus civilization enjoyed an essentially urbanized way of life – a way of life that was very different from the rural living described in the Veda.
While the differences between the Indus civilization, the Vedic period and then the Hindu and Jain religions are substantial, there is nevertheless an underlying thread of continuity. If the Indus civilization has left anything to the world of today, then it is the modern Hindu and Jain religions.
With dating estimates of this time line, there of course is evidence of religious understanding and observance around 9,000 B.C. Or earlier provided one takes the Sumerian Texts into account where they claim 20,000 B.C.
Remember the words of the Sumerians they settled the valley by sea, so no ultimate date to an actual base line of time is known, once city predates even the Indus Valley Region with dates of probability 30,000 B.C. Making Sumeria the oldest civilization of relevance, predating any Indian Civilization.
It is possible that the place where Nippur was build was the location of the Antediluvian city of Zimbir. Nippur was the religious capital of Sumer and holy for the Sumerians, being the home of the supreme god Enlil on Earth.
Some of the believers in an archaic democracy think that Nippur was a sort of “federal capital” with delegates from every city going there to elect a king in times of war. The house of An was called "Duranki", the "temple" of Enlil was called "E-kur". In later chapter about Nibiru I will explain more details about the so named "E-kur"
As long as the Gods were on Earth, Nippur was a forbidden zone for Humans.

But the perennial argument is not which civilization is first in that case all this evidence can be left to conjecture however it can be proposed as an argument of strength that Sumerians were far more advanced in magical systems than Indus Culture, however popularity of such will never be realized as Christianity, and Judaism have killed off Sumeria, and allowed Hindu and Veda to exist and thus making it seem more relevant, yet being a newer civilization and less relevant in the study of Satanism.

Dr. Hall, Ancient History of the Near East.
L.A. Waddell Sumerians
Estagahi: Vedic Datings
Stephen Knapp: Secret Teachings of Vedas
Samuel Noah Kramer: The Sumerians.
Thorkild Jacobsen, The Sumerian King List
Grand Magister Blackwood, Sumerian Lore and Satan Private Publish

Shakes and Handshakes Everywhere in Satanism??? Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

Satanism and Faith
A Statement of Purity and Excellence!

For year people in Satanism have languished over using common descriptive verbiage that describes faith or spirituality, these terms were not Christian or Muslim or even Jewish, they are uttered by several other religions and have a place in Satanism as well as the diverse number of religions that actually are Theistic.

May people are confused over Theistic and it's correct definition that in simple terms means a belief in a deity, such beliefs can then include beliefs and prayers and even taking the Occult Term's such as invocation, incantation, etc.

In Satanism the zealots exclaim that those of us who are Theistic and do bend our knee and pray as “reverse Christian’s” yet they exclaim themselves Satanist’s when really they are confused because thinking that Satan is a construct of Christianity requires simply more study to the origin.

Being a Modern Satanist is meaningless to me and our thoughts I personally could care less what they are trying to say because people who have fallen into La Vey remind me often times of Atheist’s at a Halloween store trying to pick and choose from a plethora of costumes, all the while telling people they are “down with the devil’ when in actuality the are leading ultimately a lie.

Mental masturbation to Satan has zero relevance to him as a deity and will be dealt with when Satan sits on his throne, some of the sheep Modern Satanist’s included will be corralled and slain for the True Wolves of the Earth will devour the sheep and return them to the Earth.

Prayer is something allot more people in Satanism should partake in and perhaps as some people have their lives going into a twister ride of ups and downs they simply need to grow closer to Satan as contrary to the critic’s narrow-minded portrayal of Satan he is not mired in hatred yet he expects greatness not always from wealth but even from intellect.

Proof, they say we demand proof!
To demand the deity to materialize is an argument that is easily diffused as with any deity the person who is attempting to manifest the deity must believe, the viewer must also believe, see deities do not answer to us, we answer to then via faith this concept of course eludes the narrow minded, as they refuse to bend to the concept of faith, so as they continue to ask we cannot provide for them as ignorant sheep.

Another question raised so often, “well what has the deity done for you?”
I have seen evidence and the deity has always offered me nothing short of eternal guidance, not some program of hand-outs or remedies because I have not take personal responsibility for myself, the deity of course as I said is not an employee we can order around to gather wealth, romance or anything for the matter, he is simply a catalyst and his visions are simplistic yet centered on a return to dominance and strength not by being some social good guy and handing out curse and death and love in some pretend ritual some do.

I am not the first to see evidence, he has materialized many visions to his believers in the past and will continue to, if you wish such spirituality please drop the charade and begin your relationship, burn the Satanic Bible from La Vey and move forward you will find it more comfortable, and yet it won't be an easy journey it will require your commitment to the deity and your faith not some messiah asking for a membership fee.

There are no messiah’s in Theistic Satanism, just a few people who desire to lead and teach and donate, something Christian’s have been doing well at for years, as we shall do as well once we establish more and begin to branch and reach out more we will of course be asking for donations and tithes but not to one but all of you as each and every member will own the actual church and temple off-line and will be part of the policies and procedures of how we will not as person but as a living breathing actual church dedicated to Satan will move forward together hand in hand, not the kneel at the throne concept of those broken model Social Networking Satanic Groups.

Reverend, Teachers?
We are proud of the past and make strives to improve the future, we of course are seeking like minded individuals who share faith in the deity and those who aspire to rise in mutual respect to the coveted title of Reverend an actual Satanic Ordainment not some E-Commerce bought certificate but an actual church and temple certificate that can be placed proudly upon the wall showing your efforts not your purchase.

Internally we do not refer to clergy as terms which most outsides would recognize, but for those on the public level we speak of ourselves as teachers, and reverend’s of Satan.
While I use the Grand Magister title referring to Occult Teacher I have grown relatively fixated on that title which was granted by others in 2001 after the initial founding of the Temples of Satan, I shall bring others in the Occult teaching realm forward as well and the expectations will be large as I am motivated so shall those who sit side by side with me in the movement forward of Satanic Enlightenment.

No secret hand shakes, symbolic references, not messiahs, no maniacal councils, no cults just “Purity and Excellence” in the endeavor to teach, explain, enlighten and expand as our deity enjoys a return to prominence from the desert he awoke, so shall he shall he return to a temple or church not in body necessarily but in spirit and only to those who can see him and his messages not some leader trying to screw everyone in Satanism.

I have indulged in poor representations of my Reverend hood many times, however this is over, while some remain scanning over every little thing I write to you, and cut and pasting it in every bend and curve pointing to their ego instead of the message at hand or thought provided I remain not fearful to use the words faith, and religion and personally I could care less what Modern Satanist’s think or what Setian's think nor do I care about Thelema, they are all derivatives of a earlier picture and that is what we study here and share here.

Hail Satanism
Grand Magister Blackwood

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Satanic Prayers

9 of 12 Theistic Satanic Prayers Learning Module.
By Grand Magister Blackwood Leader of Theistic Satanism and Founder of The Temples of Satan and Church of Theistic Satanism

Once again contained herein is Mesopotamian influence, and this is adapted from several prayers to better suit Father Satan and his adepts, this prayer can be used for the following situations:
Bless a dinner.
Bless a crop.
Confess during a dinner.
Morning Prayer.

May the wrath of the heart of Father Satan be pacified!
May the god who is known to me be in my heart and mind!
May the goddess who spoke of the ways to Father Satan bless me along my way as well!
The many sins which I have committed I know not, as Father Satan sees nothing but his faith in my heart of hearts.
The misdeed which I have committed I know not, or care not of!
Pure food have I not eaten yet but will in honor to Father Satan
Clear water have I not drunk, yet until I honor the Father!
An offense against my god I have unwittingly committed.

0 Lord, my sins are many, great are my iniquities!
My god, my sins are many, great are my iniquities! . . .
But I know with solemn and perseverance my faith will conquer all!
The iniquity, which I have done, I know not, and care not of as I journey with you Father Satan.
I wept, but no one came to my side, except for you through the hours I am with you for you and always ready for you Father Satan.
I lamented, but no one hearkens to me, but it doesn’t make me sad because I am happy because you are god that comes to me and takes me forward.
How long, my Father I will stand by your side and this gives me the ability to move on and through diversity and hopelessness.
Mankind is perverted and has no judgment over you for you are just and of magic and knowledge, not darkness and hatred you are the conqueror but often in words as well as blood.
Of all men who are alive, or have lived who knows anything?
They do not know whether they do good or evil, this is a concept of the weak minded who wish to destroy your Earthly Kingdom, something I cannot or will not allow as I draw my breath.
0 lord, do not cast aside thy soldier never, for I am with you in this fight and restoration that will occur through me and others who honor you and your strength.
The iniquity which I have committed, let the wind carry away, and let the wind carry my prayers to you for I am with you always from today and until my last breath.
I am your soldier Father Satan I honor you and all the harvests you bring us here on your Earth.

Hail Satan!

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Exposes Top Ten Satanists

By Allan Huffman (Reposted by Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik)

Ladies and Gentlemen I recently found a German Theistic Satanist who polled people from around the globe about who was the most popular Satanist’s.
This is what I found out after I looked over this important document.
The following people received responses as well.
Allison Jones, Ronald French, Jake Nicholson, David De Paul, Aliester Nacht, Micheal W. Ford,Allan Thomas,Jackson Tyr,Bjorn Jestrude,Vexxen Crabtree, Myrmidon.
The poll was also based on media exposure and other writings.

Theistic Satanism and Modern Satanism
  1. Zach Black 1 in Modern Not Listed in Theistic
  2. Dorothy Nixon (Diane Vera) Not Listed in Modern
  3. Anton Szandor La Vey (Howard Stanton Levy) Finished 2 on Modern Not listed in Theistic.
  4. Venus Satanas appeared in Modern Satanism and Theistic Satanism at Number 5
  5. John Allee did not appear in Theistic 6 but did at Modern 6
  6. Thomas Le Roy did not appear in Theistic but in Modern 7
  7. Pope Robert Fraize appeared both 8 on Theistic and 8 on Modern?
  8. Leanansidhe-Sekhmet O'Sidhe appeared in Theistic but not on Modern
  9. Grand Mufti appeared on Modern but not Theistic.
The method used for compiling information was based on total votes, while some made the Modern and not Theistic, some others made it in Lucifer( Not Related).
Social Network Friends are also used, some people did not fall on the list due.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Condemns Church of Ahriman Food Drive

Community Alert
Church of Ahriman Food Drive Scam

The Church of Theistic Satanism and Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik publicly condemn the actions of Adam B Daniels and Kelsey Daniels officiants of the Church of Ahriman .
It is a known fact that Adam B Daniels admitted to being on Public Assistance, one can only guess that food given will fill the cupboards of Adam B Daniels, because of his criminal past.
Do not donate to the Church of Ahriman for it could instead of going to poor and hungry go to Adam B Daniels cupboards.
Important Fact: Adam B Daniels a “convicted sex offender” spends monies of phoney and fraudulent web sites bashing Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik and Robert Fraize's family, while we cannot tell people how to spend money, we can make you aware of scams and frauds.
Adam B. Daniels and Kelsey Daniels of Warr Acres Oklahoma are examples of this.